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Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal
Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal
Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal

July Newsletter

Author: Megan Moody

Happy 4th of July friends! Monday is the day we celebrate our declaration of independence from British rule. Of course most of us celebrate it in the most American way with hotdogs, hamburgers, parades and fireworks! Make your celebration even better with Green Jar’s 4th of July Sales. Critical Hit infused prerolls will be BOGO, buy one get one half off! We will also have all Great Northern chocolate 15% off, a delicious upgrade to your s’mores!

With all of the fireworks, it may be good to grab some CBD pet oil or treats. Dogs like humans also have an endocannabinoid system, which works in conjunction with CBD to provide various helping qualities. CBD has been known to ease anxiety and help dogs relax. This is very beneficial during the fireworks exploding or even loud music. We carry several brands that have been vetted for quality and have passed the Green Jar standard. One of our favorites is a locally made brand Alaska Ruff which will be on sale for the holiday weekend. Or if you are looking more for a tincture we recommend Upstream Organics, an easy way to mix it directly into your pet food.

The Leaf Bowl round 2 is here! Join us on July 23rd 10am-4pm at the Egan Center in downtown Anchorage to see who takes winner and runner up in a plethora of cannabis categories, including: flower, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, topicals and more! Award’s Green Jar is the intake partner for this event, which means we received all of the entries from around the state to disperse to the Leaf’s qualified judges. Come see and meet us at our booth where we will have all of the entries on display. This is a free event so there is no excuse not to attend!

Love our local art community? Check out the Palmer Midsummer Garden and Art Faire July 9th, it’s a celebration of local art, gardening, food and music. A perfect excuse to enjoy some edible chocolates as you peruse through booths and enjoy the live music. You may even spot on of our awesome budtenders Kait selling her handcrafted jewelry at her booth Little Bee Seed Beads.

Hopefully you have already gotten a chance to get out and go camping! Some of our staff recently went to Klutina River Campground (change it to the campground you stayed at)  to enjoy nature and do a bit of fishing. They gave some rave reviews about using their Ryot Gear Fanny Pack! Here is what they said “The fanny pack was a nice addition to all of my go to camping gear, it’s cute and stylish! I love the added benefit with it being smell proof , so the other campers didn’t know what I was discreetly lugging around with me!”. Another added benefit to Ryot Gear Bags is that they are water resistant. They will be 20% off on our 4th of July sales, so be sure to grab one to go in your go-to outdoor gear!

From all of us at Green Jar have a fun and safe holiday!

And remember you can always place an online order through our website or give us a call and we will have your order ready for pickup as soon as you arrive! If you have any questions, please give us a call at (907)631-3800.

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