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Labor Day Sale!

Join us in celebrating Labor day this weekend starting Friday September 2nd to the 5th. Great Northern Chocolates, Lady Gray’s High Chai, Award winning Critical Hit Infused Prerolls, and Greater Restoration THC Bathbombs will be 20% Off!* AKO cartridges, Scorpion Grass Cartridges, Bubba Kush Flower and Purple Punch Flower will be 10% Off.* The flower may not be available September 2nd. So stock up for a nice long weekend or for the last bit of Alaska State Fair fun!

*Some restrictions may apply, and discounts are not stackable.

Hunting Season

Fall is just around the corner! And you know what that means, it’s hunting season! Stop by Green Jar and stock up on your favorite flowers, cartridges or edibles before you head out on your yearly hunt. On top of that, we have expanded our hours. We are open from 8am to 11pm daily. So, before you leave town for your hunting trip or before you hit the gym early in the morning stop by Green Jar and stock up!

Budtender serving marijuana flower deli style

New Cashless ATM

With recent legislative changes ATMs at your local cannabis retails have been shut down. While we have found work arounds, we have implemented something even better! Cashless ATM right at the register. Instead of only being able to pull out in denominations of $20 you’ll be able to run an ATM transaction in increments of $5. So next time you’re in the shop ask your budtender about doing an ATM transaction right at the register.

Vendor Day with Bonah-Fide

You asked and he is back! September 2nd Jonah Rector with Bonah-fide Cultivation will be in for another vendor day and not only that, BLUEBERRY is back in stock! Stop by, say hi to Jonah, and pick up some blueberry for a delicious weekend smoke. Don’t wait too late as it fly’s off the shelf when Jonah is in the store, you can reserve some by placing an online order directly through our website!

Bonah-Fide Vendor Day


PFD is right around the corner, stay on the lookout for our awesome PFD sales!