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Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal
Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal
Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal

October Newsletter

Author: Megan Moody

Maintaining Legalization in the Mat-su Valley in 2016

Did you know on October 6th, 2016, Green Jar was the headquarters for the Prop B1 campaign to maintain legalization in the valley? After 6 months of activism, educating our community about the vote to come the day finally came. That day will forever be remembered by all of us. On that day the borough saw a historically high voter turnout and it was in favor of maintaining our right to sell, grow and manufacture cannabis here in the valley. Before we were even able to open, we hosted a campaign party where we watched the numbers slowly roll in and news crew joined us. It was on that day that we knew we would be the first marijuana retail to open in the Valley. This October 6th we celebrate 6 years of maintaining legal recreational cannabis in the valley.


PFD came early this year but don’t worry, we have some killer deals coming for Halloween this year. As always, we will have awesome deals on our edibles for a nice, tasty treat while you enjoy your Halloween celebrations. Stay tuned to see what other killer deals we will be offering!

Looking to add a little more depth to your morning coffee? Or add a bit of spice to your late night bowl of vanilla ice cream? Try adding Lady Gray’s High Chai! A delicious spiced drinkable chai whose flavor that packs a punch with 100mg of THC per bottle. Created with organic black tea and organic sugar, crafted with fast acting nanotech, expected onset is approximately 15 minutes.

Ordering from our Online Menu

Did you know you can order online at When you order online, we can have you order all prepared and ready for you when you walk in, ready for purchase. You can even use your own account you have with us.

University of Alaska’s first Cannabasics Class

Recently Bailey Stuart our Chief Operations Officer started teaching at University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). She has been an advocate for the industry before recreational was even a thing in this state. She and several other industry members including Nicholas Gelinas of King Street Cannabis & Aaron of Alaska Cannabis Exchange worked with UAA on creating a Cannabasics curriculum. It is a 490 electoral credit class, they cover everything from history, rules & regulations, infusion, and cultivation.

And we know we say this a lot but cannot thank our customers enough for your support and love you bring to our shop. Thank you for supporting a small business and all our families! And stay on the lookout for Halloween sales!

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