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Green Jar, Things to do in Wasilla Alaska, Marijuana Flower, Jar Dispensary, Wasilla Dispensary, Cannabis Retail Store, Is weed legal in Alaska, Alaska Weed Legal

September Newsletter | Stoned Cold Cannabis Vendor Day

Author: Megan Moody


Have you seen the CannaBasics articles that Professor Stuart has been writing for the People’s Paper? Each article focuses on differentaspects within the world of cannabis including: The Endocannabinoid SystemTerpenesEntourage EffectCannabis Cultivation and more! If these articles peak your interest then be sure to sign up for UAA CannaBasics class! The class is put on through their culinary program and open to everyone over the age of 21. Class starts in just two weeks on September 12th and runs until September 29th on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-8:30pm

Stoned Cold Cannabis

Join us tomorrow at our Wasilla location for a vendor day with Stoned Cold Cannabis!

“Our desire to provide the cleanest, highest quality cannabis extracts for the Alaskan consumer begins and ends with solventless!”

You don’t want to miss our vendor day tomorrow with Stoned Cold Cannabis! Stoned Cold makes one of the best bubble hash that you can get in the state. They start with frozen flower, each batch of bubble hash is carefully hand-washed in a cold, controlled environment, in a stainless steel washing vessel that maintains an internal temperature of 32°F.

This separates the trichome heads from the plant material without damaging the trichomes themselves. After washing, our bubble has is placed in a freeze-drier to removed excess moisture. This process allows us to maintain the integrity of the plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The final result is Stoned Cold’s Premium Bubble Hash, a delightfully flavorful, solventless concentrate that makes a perfect addition to any bowl of flower!


Frontiersman Voting BEST OF THE VALLEY!

The Frontiersman BEST OF THE VALLEY voting is back and we were nominated in several categories including: Best Cannabis Retail, Family Owned & Operated, Best Place to Work, and New Locally Owned Business (For our Hatcher Pass store).

We also have three of our amazing Budtenders nominated for Best Budtender in the Valley so be sure to give either Daniel Waller, Jennifer Lee or Sebastian Baquero a vote!


July Newsletter | Leaf Bowl Winners

Find out who took the wins at the latest 2023 Leaf Bowl and what products that Green Jar is carries! Also get more information on Green Jar Hatcher Pass Grand Opening.

CannaBasics | Entourage Effect

Cannabis consumptions comes in many forms and understanding the entourage effects and the different types of cannabis out there can help you have a consistently enjoyable experience.

June Newsletter & Fathers Day Sales

Fathers Day Join us for another year of DABS for DADS sale to celebrate this years Fathers day on Sunday June 18th! Even if your father is not into dabs stop in and one of our friendly budtenders will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect gift that shows your...

Celebrating Mothers Day

Check out how Green Jar is celebrating the mothers in our lives!

May Newsletter

Celebrating Mothers Day Celebrate the mom's in your life with a gift from Green Jar! Here at Green Jar we celebrate not only the mom's in our lives but the beautiful Mother plants that gift us with delicious bud! Treat the mothers in your life to the best flower from...

CannaBasics | Terpenes

This week in CannaBasics we are discussing Terpenes.Terpenes are the volatile oil compounds responsible for the way most plants smell. They are abundant in the cannabis plant as well as many other plants, fruits and herbs.

April Newsletter

New products, store news, celebrating 4/20 and so much more in our April Newsletter!

4/20 | The Best Holiday of the Year!

Check out everything we have going on for the stoner holiday of the year! Happy 420!

Green Jar Hatcher Pass | Wasilla Dispensary

All the quality marijuana flower & customer service you are used to but in out brand new location in Hatcher Pass! Be sure to come check it out!

March Newsletter | Green Jar Anniversary | Vendor Day | New Products & More!

Green Jar is Celebrating! Green Jar is celebrating our 6th year serving the Matanuska valley! Since we first opened our doors to the public on March 25th 2017 we have been committed to selling the highest quality cannabis sourced from all around the state. Your...